Many past students of Mona High School have made a decision to give back significantly to their alma mater. Their contribution has gone a far way in helping some of our needy students whose parents, at times, are not in a position to make a meaningful financial contribution to the academic welfare of their child or ward.

We urge you to give back to Mona High School. The parent contribution for the academic year is $170.00USD and some parents do find it difficult to contribute. We encourage you to adopt a student and make a contribution his/her education. Please help where you can. Our girls and boys will appreciate it.

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Mona High School

Mona Road, Kingston 6

St. Andrew, Jamaica

Be  a part of the new initiative!

1. Plan to build 6 new classrooms to ease the overcrowding.

2. Plan to build a sixth form block (4 classrooms & bathroom)

3. Plan to purchase a school bus.

4. Plan to build a new school gate.

5. Plan to build a netball, a basketball, a tennis, and a

     volleyball court.

7. Plan to build a swimming pool.