Mona High School

Mona Road, Kingston 6

St. Andrew, Jamaica

Tel: (876)-977-2925 or (876)-977-2917   Fax: (876)-977-1494

Students registering at Mona High School for the first time MUST take the following:

1. Certified copy of      

    Birth Certificate

2. Immunization Card

    (5DPT; 2MMR)

3. Last 3 School Report

4. Registration Fee of  


5. Two 2) passport-  sized 


Orientation for First Form Students - August 28-30

Orientation & Registration of Students

1st Form - August 28-30

2nd Form - August 29

3rd Form - August 30

4th & 5th Forms - August 31

Full School - Monday September 3, 2018

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Events for the 2018/2019 School Year

To Learn, To Love, To Serve

The vision of Mona High School is to provide an exemplary education for every student in a globally competitive 21st century environment. 

Every September, over 250 new GSAT students arrive on campus excited and full of hope. Every June, over 250 Fifth Form students graduate from Mona High School as poised, confident adults. They join us for Sixth Form or leave for community colleges, universities, and the job market, taking with them a sense of purpose and a commitment to improving themselves and making a meaningful contribution to Jamaica and the global community.


I encourage our GSAT students to join us and see what 5 to 7 years at Mona High School can do for you!


Keven O. Jones


Welcome to an amazing 5 to 7 years!

Your future is waiting at Mona High School.     



With 1,460 students studying here, there's always something to do at Mona High School. Our students fuel 27 clubs and societies and more than 7 activities per week.



Our students go on to careers in business, medical, marketing, education, and ICT fields. Two-thirds go directly into tertiary institutions after graduation;  20 percent come back for 6th form.



Challenging classes with caring teachers open the world to you, practical experience – internships, service learning – helps you find your place in it.